Week 6-Art Activity-Intermedia

With everything that is going on, I decided to focus my idea around the pandemic and the importance of wearing a mask. In the U.S. alone, we are at a record total of 7,636,912 cases. The U.S. is currently making up about 21% of all cases in the world. If that isn’t scary to our country, then I’m scared that our country won’t be seeing “normal life” for a long while. If this continues to happen, then we will only see more cases rise and our time in quarantine will be extended further. However, if people can at the very least take the precautions and wear a mask at all times, then we can save a lot of trouble and see our improvement in decreasing the number of cases of Corona and hopefully see a sooner return to “normal life” again. This is why we need to express the importance of wearing a mask.

Possible media:

  • Photoshop with outside images
  • Photography
  • Collage

I chose photography as my medium to express the importance of wearing a mask. I decided that photography would be the best way to portray what I was trying to get with my message because everything is so digital now. In our generation, we see people take pictures and post them onto social media and share it around when the issue really matters. If I saw someone wearing a mask, it would only encourage me to want to also wear a mask and follow the guidelines as well. The image can tell so much without having to really say anything. I think the piece would have been different if I had used Photoshop or made a collage because it wouldn’t give the same seriousness in tone.

I think pretty well with what I had around me. I’m not completely satisfied with all of my images because the idea I had in mind was more complex, but I don’t have to skills to execute them. However, I think my finished piece does convey the ideas I had in mind. While thinking about this piece, I thought about the demonstration videos about how effective masks are. One way of showing why it works is by putting on a mask and showing that you can’t blow out a candle with it on because it is preventing the air you breathe out from circulating in the air and possibly infecting another person. That inspired me to show something similar in these series of photos. I also thought of the flame representing our life in general and how our masks protect us from blowing out the flame of the human race by spreading the virus, which ultimately comes from us.



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